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Various Types of Canopy Designs for Residential Bedrooms

Every woman must have a different imagination for her bedroom. Some like simple bedrooms, minimalist bedrooms, and some are happy to accentuate the soft feminine side. Now to highlight the feminine impression, my friend can install a canopy or curtain on the bed. By installing curtains or canopies, you can make the bedroom feel more girly.  Well, here is his inspiration for all of you, Friend.

Various types of luxury canopy designs
Various types of canopy designs for luxurious memorable beds, usually using Victorian designs or classic European designs that are thick with elegant gold, beige and beige colors.

Usually the canopy design on this bed is equipped with tassels at the top, with lots of wrinkles accents added. To reinforce the impression of luxury, usually the canopy poles are covered with sheer fabric made from thin, to provide a sparkling effect that fascinates friend.

But my friend can also bring this sweet girly impression on a simple bed model, with the following types of curtains or canopies made from cotton.

It is more modern and minimalist, but one of the following types of simple canopy designs can also create a girly impression as long as you can work on it. For example with the use of fur rugs on the bedroom floor.

Circular canopy design
If this circular canopy design is perfect for you to apply, when there are lots of mosquitoes attacking your bedroom. The circular shape is guaranteed to protect Buddy Rooang from mosquito bites, which are more dangerous during the rainy season like now.

Girly impression is still felt with the selection of pastel colors combined with the following warm wood elements. Feels feminine but also strong at the same time.

Install a canopy on the ceiling of the room
So that you can move freely in bed without worrying about the top canopy, the most appropriate solution is the canopy design hanging on the ceiling. Its high position with the top attached to the ceiling of the house makes you able to stand on the bed without having to hit the canopy.

From the various types of canopy designs above, roughly, which bed canopy design is most suitable for your house, friend?

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