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Ways to Extend Comfort in the Bedroom

Currently, one way to expand a building that is not too large is to make the ceiling high.

Because having a house with a building area that is not too large, of course has enough problems for the residents, especially for those who are married and have children.

The bedroom for the little princess must have a pleasant and comfortable interior design.

In addition, the interior design must also be able to consider areas for your child to do other activities besides sleeping, such as learning and playing.

Here are 4 ways to expand girls’ bedrooms to make them feel more comfortable.

Like what, the tips so that the bedroom of the little princess Buddy  feels spacious and comfortable?

How to expand the bedroom with the application of mezzanine how to expand 

If your baby’s bedroom ceiling is high enough, the use of mezzanine floor is very helpful to provide additional area between the floor and ceiling.

But first make sure the mezzanine function is later for what, then friend  can determine the mezzanine extent.

The space under the mezzanine can be used for areas to relax, study and play with your child.

Can be given a wardrobe and toys, a small sofa, and a study table.

These bright colors are one way to expand the room.

With the application of a bright bedroom color, it will create a wide impression on the room.

For the ceiling to add to the mood of your little one sleeping, you can use the night sky wallpaper.

Choose the right furniture to use The furniture used is also minimalist to save space.

Not to forget, pay attention to the selection of floor material A good floor material used in the little one’s bedroom is wood.

Wood itself also gives the impression and a sense of warmth that adds to the comfort of the little princess when doing activities on the floor.

So that’s about how Buddy  how to create the little princess’s bedroom to make it look spacious and comfortable.

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