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Wooden Terrace in a Modern Home

The existence of a wooden terrace at home will make the house look warmer and more comfortable to live in. So that in addition to needing care and maybe renovation, it’s time to face the wooden terrace in a modern style house.

Wooden patio faces can be renewed with ornamental plants
One way to protect the face of a wooden terrace is to put plants around it. Ornamental plants that are high enough will protect the wood from the sun. The presence of plants around it also makes the atmosphere of the exterior of the house look more integrated with nature.

Some choices of plants suitable for terraces with wooden floors include tongue-in-law, pandanus bali, rain lily, yellow broccoli, and other similar ornamental plants. It could also add vegetable and fruit vines as an alternative to the canopy on the terrace.

Add roof and railing features to the wooden terrace
The face of the wooden terrace can also be decorated by adding a wooden roof or railing like this you know!

Oil coating can use sealers and special wood stains.

The point of railing on the wooden patio area is as a safety on the upper terrace or balcony of the house. While the additional roof to protect homeowners from the heat of the sun that illuminates the wooden patio area.

This aims to keep the wooden terrace has a good color. Can also use kitchen ingredients that contain natural oils, such as coconut pulp or coffee grounds.

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